Monday, September 15, 2008

To Be an Ironman x 3- THANK YOU

Yes, it is over! What a successful week I had the honor of spending with my Triabetes Teammates. Each has provided their personal story inspiration is getting to the start line and beyond. Triabetes did it and the mark has been made on the diabetic community that anything is possible! In sitting back and reflecting, it has been a week since the race and have to return to "real" life. When I got the email and call last year to do Triabetes through now, I am amazed at how our team was able to accomplish some extraordinary results. I thank Michelle, Peter, John, Steve 2.0, Steve 3.0, Bill, Aaron, Joe, Brian, Anne, Dave and Larry for their stories as they will help many out there. A special thanks to Nate for his logistical mind, and Dr. Matt!

Also, I have many in my own support group to thank, but want to single out a few. First to Coach Dave Amato. Coach Dave Amato, who knew how to balance my workout schedule with my ever changing demands of life and diabetes. As an aside, each time I would talk with Coach Dave, he would know exactly what buttons to push to get more out of me and balance a training program to produce results. To Nurse Betty who watch my trainings effects on me and always was there to provide words of encouragement, ibuprofen, and sweets when needed. To my extended family who know the craziness of Ironman and stuck it out yet again. To Donny G and Luke, who without your ear and demented humor, it would have been more of a bear to get through. To my parents and in-laws, who are the constants. To the diabetic community, as I hope Triabetes experience helps someone else know that anything is possible, Lastly and most importantly to Denise, Bri, and Tommy, who are my love and my life. They make it possible for me to do Ironman, test my blood sugar, keep myself as healthy as I can.