Thursday, February 28, 2008

Friends of Triabetes

Training still rolls on. I have had some challenging days with blood sugar management as I re-adjust to increase volume training. I have done 2 of my 3 basil checks and emailing them to my endo, and have already decreased my basil by.5 u/ hr. Better management means better workouts and improved recovery, which all adds up in September. In keeping with my goals, I have been working my nutrition plan better and hope to feel the benefits when I begin racing. Recently, I have experienced a resurgence in my cycling albeit indoors and on computrainer. I have also felt decent on my running. Swimming will always lag behind, but I have worked the Vasa and went to the pool yesterday am. I was feeling like a "load" in the water as my shoulders were dead and seemingly the result of Coach Daves Vasa workouts and weight training. All in all, I am excited to get to camp and begin racing. I should finalize my racing schedule soon.

I am also fortunate enough to represent Triabetes at the Dodgin Diabetes Dodgeball tournament this weekend, Sunday. The folks of this event have been gracious in working with InsulinDependence and this will be neat to see. The proceeds from this event go to the Joslin Diabetes Center, connected with University of MD, and where I am a patient. Also, my local community paper is picking up a story about Triabetes and hope to represent well there. As this exposure is good for the team, I am humbled to be the representative. I got into this to make my kids proud that their Dad did something for people with diabetes.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time Has Past

It has been awhile since I contributed to my blog. Since being sick, I have restarted training with what I would call my efforts about a grade B. Some struggles, some really good work outs, but overall satisfied with my progression. I do feel ahead of the game as compared to last year, but overall that isn't saying much. Did have a slight hiccup when my Eagleman entry was not showing up and resolved swiftly(within 1 hour after my initial email to them!) by Columbia Triathlon Association who directs the race.

I am excited about camp, as I primarily train alone. I am looking forward to meeting team members who I have had e-contact with and those who I met. Denise says this will be one of the only time she will not be a nervous about me traveling since most everyone is there with the same medical issues! I am looking forward to learning about some of the missing pieces that will enable me to maximize my training and racing with diabetes.

Finally, the multi-sport season is a little over a month away. As I prep for Brandywine Du, I reflect on du is where I started all of this madness. I recall my first du in December, 1998, rainy, cold and just down right miserable. Denise pushing Brianna around in our jogging stroller, and suffering through the day! I remember, the excitement of doing the first run then getting onto my bike, I also remember taking it out way too fast and suffering on the final 2 laps of the bike course (6 laps of a 2 mile course) and the heaviness of my legs on the final run. When it was over I was hooked, but never imagined tarting training for 4 Ironman races, starting 3 and finishing 2. I also never imagined drawing so much attention to our cause of "Anything is Possible- even with diabetes." I am so stoked and going out for my run!

One final new thing, I will be posting in my articles of interest, my workouts and also post Denise;s as she is training for an OLY distance tri in May.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Triathlon- A Family Affair

After being sick, it really feels great to be back working out again. Even better, I was able to workout with my wife last evening and today. We are racing together at the Columbia Tri in May and will be participating in the Simply Stu Worldwide Triathlon Weekend in March with Bri and Tommy, our 2 kids.

As far as diabetes, the blood-sugar fairies hit me yesterday as I battled highs all day despite changing my soft-set, bolusing, and being good eating-wise as I battled the high 200's (240-280) for much of the day. Sometimes it doesn't make sense, but that is the nature of this beast. I am happy with my progression prior to getting sick as I was making progress in my build period and working my weight down. Also a difference is the addition of 2 to 3 weight/core workouts during the build that has both a physical and psychological effect of feeling strong. Coach Dave had me in the gym last week and worked me with some additional weight/core expercises that will help come September. What is really cool is Denise, my wife, is working a similar weight/ core training and allows us to share even more time together.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Oh it's Nice to be Alive Again

After a week and a half with crud, and 2 weeks of it creeping up, I finally feel alive again! I am excited to sit upon my trusty steed- the Cervelo and pedal tonight and do a short run to get my dormat cardio system moving once again. Sometimes it doesn't take much to create exciement but this is and can only hope that it is behind me. I am really looking forward to the upcoming build periods as this is the time when fnishing Ironman is essential!