Friday, February 12, 2010

It Has Been A LONG time

I found my way back. I have been in a fog since April when I lost my Dad to diabetes complications and found myself kicked in the gut again after hear about Michelle's son. This disease sucks, yet I go back to the Triabetes days and revisit the life that the group inspired, I get pumped to work harder at control and limiting the potential complications. But in the end, we never know. Since my 09 season was more a less a wash, I am not sure what 10 brings. I know that my base training is at the forefront of my efforts now and to get back to my previous levels of performance, I am changing my approach to 10. Have fun first, and put in the base miles second.

I often ponder what lies ahead for me. I wonder how much longer can I train and race. I often think about a 4th Ironman finish, another Sprint or OLY race. Can I go faster despite being a year older. How much more can I give to triathlon. But in the end, we never know what is in the future, I realize I can only control today...and today, I am committed to controlling by blood sugar! Maybe, just maybe I can hold off the Grim Reaper a little bit longer. Who knows.