Friday, April 25, 2008

Turning 40

Well it is coming up in 5 days, I turn 40. I am convincing myslef this ain't such a big deal as 40 is the new 30, sounds good in theory but the reality is I will be 40 in 5 days. I have a lot to be thankful for as I approach this milestone. I have a great life! A beautiful and loving wife, 2 exceptional kids and competing in Ironman, what more can I ask for. I reflect on my life with diabetes and wonder, Would I have competed in Marathons, triathlons or even Ironmans without my diagnosis, and realize the way my life was going prior to diagnosis, probably not. Despite the reality I will not be cured, I would not be doing Ironman if it were not for diabetes! So at 40, I can say legitimatly I am living a healthier lifestyle than I was at 30 and much healthier than 20. All in all what more can I expect, I will be 40, is decent health, part of a great cause, and have a great family....more thoughts as the days go by....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Training, Test Taking, and Mangaing

Another rant, another day, and another issue, who cares... Well, I am happy that after 13 years not needing to pass a test, I took and passed a Board Certification exam. In my own Chop-like way, I was quiet and clandestine in my preparation and taking the exam and only let a few know what was happening. I had a real bad experience in bring those into the fold who I thought were a source of good support only to be disappinted. In preparing for a previous Ironman experience, I was a bit more "outgoing" in my prep and really experienced some bad vibes from others around me regarding it. I went into the final phase of training with a less than optimal mindset, and my training suffered which ultimately impacted my race performance. I am taking a leap by blogging my experience as this Ironman experience is so much different that my previous ones. Who knows what the outcome will be, well I am ready for the ride though....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Thursday- Another Rant

Just finishing another non-Thursday workout morning and really enjoyed the rest and waking up a tad later this morning. Anticipation of getting Bri and Tommy off to school and getting ready for another day of work only to be pleasantly interrupted by coming home for Bri's track practice makes the day much more palatable. Up til today, hit 100% of workout plan from Coach Dave notwithstanding the broken toes on my right foot that is causing a bit of discomfort, yet manageable pain. I am thankful to God for giving me the ability yo continue to do this stuff day and day out. Also, I am fortunate that a contact I made about a year ago is allowing Triabetes and IronKidz to be in the Capitol Chapter of JDRF! Thanks Jonathan, a future Triabetes hopeful! Just heard Bri's alarm going off so the sun is really about to shine on today!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Just felt like blogging instead of working out this morning. In keeping with my training, I really began looking at things a bit differently. When all is said and done, it is me who effects the outcome. I am responsible for how I execute training, my nutrition plan, and approach race day. I think all too often I can fall into the trap, "well if I didn't go low or I my blood sugar is too high." I am stupid but not stupid enough to believe there are many intangibles in working with my disease, but there is so much that I can work with to limit those problems. When I DNF'd the Great Floridian, I was the one responsible for my sub-par training, my horrific nutrition plan leading up to race day, my challenges on the bike course and ultimately my 563 blood sugar. Fear of failure and blaming this result on other matters really is a temporary fix, but ultimate responsibility lies on me. I was fortunate to hear a long time well respected member of my community, George Giese, speak last night that resonated with me as he talked about his "senses."
1. Sense of Responsibility- doing the training, following a sound nutrition plan, managing blood sugars as best as possible, understanding my trends, representing Triabetes
2. Sense of Humor- After all it is just a race! Don't take myself so seriously
3. Sense of Pride- Triabetes is a worthy cause, it is a calling.
4. Common Sense- I will do what I can to effect a positive outcome within my God given abilities

This fellow who did this talk gave me my break early in my professional career and set me up for future success. I am deeply indebted to George once again as he has kept me up all night last night re-thinking things in my life, but also give me an opportunity and framework to take on this challenge.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Brandywine Du

Well it is in the bag! The first multisport raceat the Brandywine Du. Started the day waking up at 120 and feeling like I was dropping. Leaving my home at 4:20 am, I ate my oatmeal, I gave myself 75% of my normal bolus and drove sipping water and coffee on the 2 1/2 hour drive to Coatesville PA. Prior to the race, I switched out my normal road bars to tri bar set up and race it for the first time. I was surprised at how comfortable the new set up was and my propensity to stay in the aerobars longer. Not sure what I will do for Ironman, but at least have some options. The vibration and buzzing of my DexCom reminded me that my initial hunch of racing low was apparent as at 7:50 am before the race, I registered at 60. A quick downing of ClifShot Bloks and I was off for my first run. I felt the previous days 1 hr and 50 minute (33 mile) ride in my legs. I pushed but stayed within my self-prescribed limits. I completed my Pre-Preformance Plan highlighting my desire to race relaxed and paced with taking no risks physically. That said, I plodded along and got to my bike with a less than stellar first run. The bike was cold, windy, and technical with more climbing than I originally thought. The end result was my bike legs came to me at mile 10 and felt good rolling through the final 3 miles. Then the last even less stellar run bookended the day. Oh by the way, a gel and second round of shotbloks, suspending my pump at the start of the bike, and a second gel topped off a end race blood sugar of 72 , I left my DexCom attached to my bike. UGH! All in all, not at all wasted from the race and should have a decent week of training

The best part of the race was seeing Triabetes teammate Brian Foster! He recently moved from PA to upstate NY, where Polar Bears seem to make their home. Unforunately I wasn' t able to connect with him earlier due to cell issues, but caught him in the transition area after the race. He too seemed to be facing lows. I was also forutnate to meet his wife. I met Brian in Madison at sign ups and really am inspired on how he takes running to a higher level. He will be sucessful in this journey and as with all my Triabetes teammates, I will enjoy the results!