Monday, April 20, 2009

The Bike....The Ride....

After suffering through the worst 2 weeks of my life, I decided the Saturday after my Dad passed away that I was ready to move forward. Through my grieving, I found solace in an old friend- exercise. I re-started my workouts and struggled through them with pain and joy. Nothing like a long bike ride to heal the soul. I have been playing phone tag with Coach Dave, but his emails and workouts have provided comfort in a unhappy time. Yesterday was a beautiful day and before other of life's obligations took over I went out on a bike ride with Bri. She is sporting a new Fuji Road Bike. She is so proud of her new ride! The joy I saw in her face when she heard she was riding 25 mph as we were flying down a short stretch made enduring the pain and loss we have suffered manageable and even felt happy in the moment. I love going to the bike shop in early Spring as parents are bringing their kids in for that new bike. The excitement and joy kids get is contagious. I think I am going to stop at the bike shop on my way home to catch some of that happiness!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Tribute to My Dad

As a pretty closed lip person, I have been supporting my Dad in his fight with a number of illnesses, including diabetes, over the past 2 years. He passed away suddenly on Monday. He was a diabetic for 34 years struggling with control of his brittle diabetes while making a life for me, my Mom, and my family. I saw first hand the devastation this disease can take on a persons life and renewed my fight to find a cure so my children and their children don't have to suffer as my Dad did. As his son, I witnessed and learned many lessons from my Dad. He taught me the lessons of love and loyalty. Growing up he drove me to the corners of this country while I wrestled. He would be in my corner win or lose, with him helping me learn from my losses. One of my fondest memories was in 1987 at the Sr. Greco-Roman Nationals when the break between periods he said as I was losing 7-2, "I didn't travel half way across this country to see you get your ass kicked in the first round." He flipped the switch and I won the bout 18-7 and went on to win my first of 2 National Championships. The lesson of loyalty was his commitment to his family and friends. He worked for 20+ years for a company who valued my Dad, and he repaid in service. My Dad taught me the value of hard work and giving your best effort in all circumstances, a value which I wish I could demonstrate half as well as him. Over the years, I had the opportunity to thank him on occasion, yet I wish I could have thanked him one more time. I loved my Dad, but I wish I could have told him one more time. I wish for more time with him, but I guess it would never be enough!