Friday, February 12, 2010

It Has Been A LONG time

I found my way back. I have been in a fog since April when I lost my Dad to diabetes complications and found myself kicked in the gut again after hear about Michelle's son. This disease sucks, yet I go back to the Triabetes days and revisit the life that the group inspired, I get pumped to work harder at control and limiting the potential complications. But in the end, we never know. Since my 09 season was more a less a wash, I am not sure what 10 brings. I know that my base training is at the forefront of my efforts now and to get back to my previous levels of performance, I am changing my approach to 10. Have fun first, and put in the base miles second.

I often ponder what lies ahead for me. I wonder how much longer can I train and race. I often think about a 4th Ironman finish, another Sprint or OLY race. Can I go faster despite being a year older. How much more can I give to triathlon. But in the end, we never know what is in the future, I realize I can only control today...and today, I am committed to controlling by blood sugar! Maybe, just maybe I can hold off the Grim Reaper a little bit longer. Who knows.


Steve Ahn said...

Ol Grim can't catch you.... you are way too fast... you are going to have to blow a tire or something to give him a chance... hope you are well 1.0

簡單 said...

你的部落格不錯哦,我來享受一下~~ ........................................

john said...


I am a neighbor, a type 1, a novice tri athlete, and a patient at the Joslin Center at University of Maryland. Dr. Streeten mentioned you might be a good person to connect with. I am in Eldersburg and have signed up for a few events this year including the nyc half marathon this weekend, tour de cure in May, and the Half Full in Oct. I hope to meet you at an event.

John Boyer

Steve Chop said...

If you return back, please forward an email address. Best regards in your endurance pursuit.

jb said...

Steve, it has been a while since I checked in but was interested in reaching out to you as I just signed up for the 2012 ironman in Wisc. I was hoping to pick your brain.

my email is john at traderslibrary dot com.

if you get a chance, send me a message


John Boyer