Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today starts another week of big volume training. With the bike being the focus, Coach Dave has me in a zombie-like state yet gaining the necessary confidence to tow the start line. My Iron-mares (Ironman Nightmares) have begun to haunt my sleep. Questions concerning did I bring the right gear, is that really my bike? (A beach cruiser), running in bare feet, are just some of the nightmares. The reality is I encountered a real-life Iron-nightmare in 2006 at the Great Floridian. The residue of the preparation deficits, my lack of mental focus, my physical issues haunt me as I prepare this year. I scares me and motivates me at the same time. My take home lesson is that no matter how great or poorly I prepare, respecting the distance and race is of vital importance. As I work my way into this weeks training, I am keeping thing into perspective. Only 40 more days til race day, respect the 140.6!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Words from Nurse Betty I want to Share

Got an email from Nurse Betty this morning and want to post as real good words for us to remember as Triabetes athletes are all out there training. I am not the most religious person, but highly spiritual and found this refreshing to my soul!

From Nurse Betty:

As I was doing my devotion time this morning, it talked about a cyclist who gets dehydrated. Of course I thought of you on your bike in the tri's and intense training. Thought maybe you'd like this too. Have a good weekend if I don't see you this afternoon.

Toward this end, I give you this tool: a prayer for the thirsty heart. Carry it just as a cyclist carries a water bottle. The prayer outlines four essential fluids for soul hydration: God's work, God's energy, his lordship, and his love. You'll find the prayer easy to remember. Just think of the word W-E-L-L.

Lord, I come thirsty. I come to drink, to receive. I receive your work on the cross and in your resurrection. My sins are pardoned, and my death is defeated. I receive your energy. Empowered by your Holy Spirit, I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength. I receive your lordship. I belong to you. Nothing comes to me that hasn't passed through you. And I receive your love. Nothing can separate me from your love.

Don't you need regular sips from God's reservoir? I do. I've offered this prayer in countless situations: stressful meetings, dull days, long drives, demanding trips, character-testing decisions. Many times a day I step to the underground spring of God and receive anew his work for my sin and death, the energy of his Spirit, his lordship, and his love.

Drink with me from his bottomless well. You don't have to live with a dehydrated heart.
Receive Christ's work on the cross,the energy of his Spirit,his lordship over your life,his unending, unfailing love. Drink deeply and often. And out of you will flow rivers of living water

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Big Weeks are Upon us

Ah, Ironman training kicked into high gear. Despite all the problems of last weekend, this one was a picture of heat, miles, and more heat, yet a good degree of sucess achieved. With the heat index around 100, took my long 4.5 hour ride to my mini-Moo course, the Columbia Triathlon bike course. Rolling hills, farms, and more rolling hills, along with a bunch of cows. This course is demanding, but nothing like Madison and Dane County is going to be. However, rode the course 3 time (75 miles) and began practicing Ironman pacing and riding strategy. Whe I started, there were a number of cyclist riding. The competitive juices begin to flow. Being passed on the initial climb and beginning of the rollers, I jumped on it only to back off knowing I was only 15 minutes into a 4.5 hour ride! Pacing, fueling and hydration was key to todays sucess. After each loop, stopped by the truck and grabbed fresh bottles. It was hot and tough, but finally felt good about a long ride. Then transitioned into a 30 min transition run after. Blood sugar was a bit high to start 285, but settled nicely to 135 staring the run and in the end, 122.

Sunday was a good day as well. Despite being equally as hot as Saturday, I started off the morning with Coach Dave and his Master's Swim group. Getting some stroke refinements and initially feeling like crap in the water. I managed to get some excellent swim practice in. As always, Coach Dave has a tendency to ground me and keep things real and is genuine in his interest in his athletes. Then off to the run. Ran 2.5 hours today on a very challenging trail course. Once again, blood sugar a bit high to star 260, but settled in and ended at 165. I think dehydration played a part in today's highs. Nevertheless, the first long weekend in the bag!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Rage Bolus, Darth Velo- Jedi Penguin

I know that it is early as on my typical blogging schedule I have been one post per 2 week period. Densie, Bri and Tommy are in Boston visiting Denise's family, more importantly spending time with Denise's mom. That leaves me with time to work, train, and blog.

Saturday was an interesting day. After a week of blood sugar stability, Saturday hit me with a right to the jaw. After dropping Denise and the kids off at the airport, I felt my sugar drop and drop fast. Hit a local McDonalds, very healthy and got some OJ and hotcakes bolused my normal carb to insulin rate, knowing that I would be riding soon. After dropping out at 55, my BS hit 300 and was climbing according to my CGM, crap hit a bolus and a rage one at that not taking into account the ride I chose to do was very challenging. Came home and mounted my new steed, Darth Velo- Jedi Penguin, my new Cervelo P2C. I got the frame earlier in the week and built it, and worked out my fit. I will write more about her in my next blog with pictures of it. So after a small snack, ht the road. At 3 hours 15 minutes in, I hit the wall. As I was on a very fast descent, I began to feel another bad low coming on. My CGM's inner crystal burst for some reason and like a dumb ass, I forgot my glucose meter. A low was coming! A low it was as I struggled weaving off of the road and finally stopping as I had a moment of clarity and began to fuel up. After a few gels, pretzels and shotbloks, clarity came back. I actually lost some time despite being conscious. Scared the crap out of me! At that point I took the path of least resistance to get home. Suspended pump and rode an additional 10 miles slowly, I got in and my sugar was only at 90... Take home lesson is Don't rage bolus when going out on a 3 to 4 hour ride. Don't stray for original plan, meaning when I eat before a long endurance workout, I typically cut back meal bolus to 85% of normal. And, always bring my back up meter One thing is for sure, I learned a valuable lesson, I can be a dumb ass diabetic, and I know my new ride know the way home!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ironman Isolation

It has been a while since last post. However, Ironman and life keeps me quite busy. I have been working with some challenges associated with diabetes with extremes both high and low. Working with Dr. Matt to get some sense to what I can be doing different in my management regime and hoping to work this in to my routine.

What really hit me today as I rode my 2 hour ride before work was the notion of Ironman Isolation. I basically train alone, but find this to be an appealing part of the experience. Race day is a social event, however it is the athlete who must push his or her body across the 140.6 miles to the finish. During my ride this morning I reflected on how things on the family front have stabilized, how despite the blood sugar issues I am feeling trained and getting stronger, and what I need to do in the next 60 days to get prepared. As a result, I will be climbing again this Saturday and trying to build some confidence in handling hills!